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.....Today's Prayer....

 for inspiration
from God to face

the new dawn of the new day today

---------------om bRH`myE nmH......................

"As the dawn breaks on each New Day,
let us give thanks for all we hold dear:
our health, our family, our friends, and
the grace of God which never ends.

 Let us release our grudges, anger and pains,
for these are nothing but binding chains.

Let us vow to live each day in
the most pious, God-conscious way.

Let us vow to serve all
who are in need,
regardless of race, caste, gender or creed.

Let us vow to keep God in our heart,
to chant His name each day at the start of each day."

Author: Unknown; Source: Hinduism Today tt st......................
---------------om shaaNti shaaNti shaaNti.....................
---------------om  nmH guru bRH`m......................

......why pray....

vED is the infinite amount of knowledge of the sciences of entire creation and life. vED imparts to each and every creation the knowledge of how creation is created, how it is sustained after creation, the purpose of each creation, how each creation has to co-exist with all other creations and the grand scheme and meaning of this creation. In this process of imparting knowledge vED also subtly informs about our Creator bRH`m and Creator bRH`m's relationship with all creations singly and collectively.

To get all knowledge through the study of /font> vED is a monumental task ...which could not possibly be completed in one life a life time most of us can get only a degree in one field of science or arts or commerce or medicine or get all the knowledge of ved will take infinite years as the knowledge itself is infinite....

.....But then our Creator bRH`m, knowing our limitation of the life cycles, has given us a small life manual in which the basics of creations, its processes, its relationships and its purpose are outlined in about 700 to 750 aphorism like messages of few words at a time......this manual of life is has been given a name &"bhgvD giitaa"....Similarly for those who desire to have detailed knowledge vED has 18 viD`yaa. A viD`yaa is a specific knowledge base similar to what we currently know as engineering, medicine, law, mathematics, astronomy, astrology, grammar......and all the viDyaa is in 4 vED, 6 veDNgaa, 108 upniSH`D and 108 puraaAN, all shaasTR, all versions of raamaayAN and mHaaBHaart, etc......the entire corpus of this infinite amount of knowledge is known collectively as SHRUti and smRUti....

....We volunteers, at Prajaapati Vishva Aashram Foundation (PVAF), have a primary mandate to facilitate the empowering of the entire humankind to acquire the knowledge in sciences of vED per se which will include the the current sciences knowledge the humanity has re-acquired in the last 500 years...we believe that studying any part of vED is a good start on this path to acquire from today let us begin that tt st...

At present on this planet earth we have various faith systems leading to a Creator...each faith systems has its own name and also a name for whatever it believes as a Creator....but surprisingly all faith systems have one message to all its follower...knowledge shall set you free....let us then get this knowledge....may the Creator bless us to walk on this path no matter how we stumble, fall or sometimes give up....but we are continually blessed by our Creator to have the strength and the means to get up once more and keep the pursuit of knowledge....

Each message in any text of vEDik prayers is called a s`lok. Each s`lok is an answer to a prayer made for if the Creator knew that we will ask the question in the form of a prayer ....and our Creator has already given the answers to our prayers in all viD`yaa......./i>

OOne prays to recieve inspiration and one receives inspirations to is always a repeated cycle.... shaaNti shaaNti shaaNti... tt st....

Backgrounder to


The word b> inspiration is derived from the word inspire.. The word inspire means to breathe or to infuse life by breathing. Breathing though vital is not enough in life. So to inspire also means to influence, to move, to guide by vaach (speech) or kARm (action) through Daivik (divine) nimi`tt (agency or tool of kARm) or shk`ti (energy and power to perform kARm).

Inspiring thus causes jivan (life) to be animated, enlivened, exalted to perform normal and extraordinary karma in one's daily life.

Inspiring encourages one one's buDH`DHi (intellect) and 3 guAN (any creation's naturally and inherently activated disposition of st`v (good) guAN, tms (bad) guAN along with the shk`ti the activating these 2 guAN called rjs guAN) which causes emotions to be encouraged, impelled and motivated to do whatever one wishes in life.

The inspiring happens through infusing or introducing in one's b>mns (mind) or communicating with one's aat`maa (soul) that arouses and provokes one to perform each and every kARm in life.

This inspiring further creates occasion, incitement and fomentation in life. Of these fomentation is vital as it creates nursing of life and kARm to promote growth in life.

ToTo receive inspiration as noted above is a blessing given by  Creator m>bRH`m t to every creation. But one must be ready and open to receive this blessing from one's creator.

Through inspiration major inventions have been created. Great writing of prose and poetry has occurred through inspiration. Men such as mHaat`maa gaandhijii was inspired to uphold basic human rights in face of oppressive discrimination of human nationalistic, political and socio-ecomomic world systems. George Washington and Abraham Lincoln were inspired to abolish slavery in USA. The third President of USA, >Thomas Jefferson, was inspired to say one does not need a "religious" institution to believe in God. Mao was inspired to liberate a billion Chinese from kingly oppression. Through inspiration Albert Einstein could clearly see the Principle of Relativity hidden in the 400 years of science growth preceding his birth and thus led science to a new path of harnessing energy from atoms, adding the dimension of time and space to our physical three dimensional perception, concept of the working laws of this universe and quantum mechanics to understand working of nature at the fundamental levels of creation which can not be seen or observed or understood with normal science of the physical world which can be seen.

AAll the RUshi and muni of vEDik/em> lifestyles were inspired to reveal to humanity all the knowledge of creation, sustenance of creation and absorption of creation back into the sub-creators and ultimately into the Creator. This knowledge is called vED which has been forgotten due to the effect of present vEDik time era of kli-yug. This vED is being revived and remembered through what we call current science.

Our Creator bRH`m inspires us continuously when we pray. Our parents inspires us continuously when we stay continually connected with them and serve them with respect, reverence and gratitude. Our teachers inspire us continuously when we offer ourselves as students who wish to have continual, uninterrupted and unending desire to learn. Our spouses inspire us continuously when we stay connected to them continually for mutual respect, reverence, gratitude, love and care and upholding gRUHsth-aaSRm through our married life. Our children inspire us continuously when we stay continually connected to them for parenting and friendship for their nurturing and guiding their life growth.

Everyone in the entire creation inspires us if we continually co-exists in titti`KSH lifestyle living mode based on compliance to RUtt   and st`y. Compliance to RUtt means living live by abiding by the universal laws which sustains all creation based on DHARm which is the operating and controlling system of creation to sustain itself. Compliance to st`y  means living life based on what is the Truth of not hurting anybody anytime through mns (mind), vaach (words) and span style="color: #0000FF"> kARm (actions). Co-existing in tittksh mode of lifestyle and life living means to co-exist with every one of the fellow creations respecting the fellow creation as it is with its own characteristics given by Creator bRH`m  and letting it lead its own life in its domain given by Creator bRH`m. titti`KSH  lifestyle living mode is to live and to let live mutual without mutual interference, especially the negative and destructive interference to one's chosen lifestyle living.

IInspiration is attained through vaach (speech) and kARm (action) both of which have mutual feedback loop type of interactions with mns (mind). Both vaach and kARm are inspired by prayers to creator bRH`m. Therefore, PVAF, in continuing to implement its primary mandate of empowering and inspiring the acquisition knowledge in all humans, presents every day on this webpage a vaach empowering and inspiringi> to kARm or prayer which will inspire every one to pray and pray to get inspired.....All this to have a happy today, happier tomorrow and future of progress, prosperity and well-being......



This sharing is part of vED sciences sharing on this PVAF web site by Champaklal Dajibhai Mistry as learned from and taught by guru bRH`m, bRHmaa-DEv, viSH`ANu-DEv, shiv-DEv and all those RUSHi and muni who kept the vED sciences knowledge alive through yug after yug and kl`p after kl`p for the kl`yaaAN (well-being and welfare) of all creations. (In vEDik time concept and measure a kl`p is a time measure of 8.64 billion years for a measuring a day and night (equal span) of pRjaapti bRHmaa's life duration of 100 years and yug is a time measure of 4.32 million years with 1000 yug in a kl`p. (pRjaapti bRHmaa  is the grandfather of all that is created in a bRHmaaNd (universe) and has a 100 year life span of 360 night-day per year which totals to 311 trillion and 40 billion years)

pRANaam to all contributors of this current kli-yug for sharing sciences of vED knowledge which contains the current sciences knowledge of last 500 years. This sharing havs been a blessing to humanity...with the sole purushaaARth (life objective) that the above knowledge of pRaathnaa-yog (becoming one with the One prayed to with a prayer) facilitates acquiring of all the prosperity, growth and glory in life leading to moKSH (breaking the bonds of sNsaar which is continual cycles of birth and death full of joy followed by pain and sorrow)......The sNskRUt s`lok are expanded with explanatory prose to make the learning and understanding of veD easier but without corrupting the original meaning of the sNskrut text...also additional explanatory prose in included in brackets to give backgrounder ved knowledge to provide supplementary explanation for increasing the depth of our knowledge of life sciences......

The SRuti (intuitive) and smRUti (remembered) knowledge about yog is fundamental to veDik lifestyle. yog means the union of one's aat`maa (soul) with Creator bRH`m who is also known as prmaat`maa, meaning supreme aat`maa = Creator bRH`m. When yog happens then all the dvuNdvuN (dualities created by maayaa-shk`ti) one experiences because of maayaa disappears which means one sees Creator bRH`m in everything and every creation in this universe. This knowing enables one to treat everybody with the same reverence, bhk`ti (devotion) and sevaa (service) that one would offer Creator bRH`m-self.

We will be learning about the above st`y (TRUTH) of yog to be attained in our lives as we continue to study vED in the days to come....through creation and life sciences knowledge in  vED, puraaAN and upniSHD, itihaas and BHhgvD giitaa  .....yog is not what is understood in our present world as just doing meditation and physical exercises in various commercial yog studios and clubs...

.. in learning about will be beneficial to refresh the teachings about kARm-yog from bhgvD giitaa and also the inspirations to date to understand the depth of today's inspiration ......just click on the end of the line at the top of this page to re-visit the TODAY'S PRAYERS to date in the archived listing.....



  • All the sNskRUt words in the write-ups on this web site are in italics. The meaning of these sNskRUt  words as transcribed in English language is being continually included in the Sanskrit Glossary on this web site and/or explained in the write-ups ....It is imperative to understand the full meanings of these sNskRUt words in order to understand the teachings of creation and life sciences of  vED. So please make an effort to visit the Sanskrit Glossary ...the kARm-fl will be eternal aanND (bliss).

  • The sNskRUt words are spelled as near as possible to the original vEDik sNskrut language phonetics. This phonetic based spelling may seem to be different than normal usage but if the sNskRUt words are not spelled and pronounced correctly the meanings could change drastically. An alphabet chart of such phonetics spellings is being developed at Prajaapati Vishva Aashram Foundation (PVAF) and will be shared here as soon as it is available. In the meantime think as a vEDik BHaartiy (persons with roots and heritage from vEDik culture of India) and vEDik genetics inherited from human roots will let you pronounce the sNskRUt words in here correctly.

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