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Western Canada - Diwali Show, 2001
The Diwali Show held in Calgary, Alberta on November 17, 2001.

PVAF - Pictures of Historic events to Establish education assistance Project Southern Gujarat
Historic Events meeting to establish Education assistance for underprivileged families of Prajapati Samaj in Southern Gujarat. 10th Feb 2002 and 20th Feb. 2002(02-20-2002)

Historic meeting (20-02-2002) at Navsaari Ashram with all 8 Samajo Excecutives and Presidents. Subject: Establishment of Education assistance program for underprivileged families. Southern Gujarat.

PVAF - Earth Quake Presentation
Presentation of Cheques to Prajapati Earth Quake Victims. Ceremony took place at Billimora Prajapati Samaj. Funds from SPA HQ UK

PVAF - PVAF Education Scholarship Program
Candidate for Scholorship

PVAF - Computer Classes
Summer Computer classes in Progress at Eight Prajapati Ashram Location in Southern Gujarat.

Bilimora - SwargVaas Hargovind bhai Intwala
BIOGRAPHY OF HARGOVIND INTWALA HARGOVINDBHAI LALLUBHAI INTWALA generally known as Sukhubhai in there family and in samajo was birth in 15th March 1935 in Desra, Bilimora. He was completed his education in C.M.E & then after he done C.E.E. Because of his technical mind. He married with Mandakiniben. He started stone mines and this making in South Gujarat. He was engage in this business for about 20 years and he also engage in cotton power loom projects (Textile Industries) and exported gray yarn to many garment industries. But because of some uncertainty in this business he return in his original business of bricks making & stone mines. His father and he personally one of the leading businessman in past. In 1985 he retired from his business and handover to there sons. (1) Dr. Mukesh (2) Rajesh & (3) Paresh and one daughter Daxaben. He was very much interested in social work mainly related for the samajo. So he was selected as a secretary of Prajapati Vidhyarthi Ashram on Dt. 26-4-1970 and he was continue up to Dt. 2-6-1985 for about 15 to 16 years. In 1991 he was selected as President of Shree Prajapati Vidhyarthi Ashram for One year. He continue his samaj seva. He always oppose the some bad things that involve in samajo and always be positive in that thinking to put younger generation in to active part of the samajo. He was selected as reporter for Prajapati sandesh and he wrote so many report for the samajo and also give there views for the samajo. In 1997 he reselected as secretary of Shree Prajapati Vidhyarthi Ashram. He donated Computer Hall on the name of her mother Devi L. D. Intwala Computer Hall with there beloved brother and sons. He selected as a chairman of computer section of Bilimora ashram which is the project of Shree Prajapati Vishva Ashram Foundation Canada. He was also involved in to form Kumbhkar Co. Op. Savings & Credit Society Ltd. Bilimora in 1993-94. He was the director of this society. He also serving as a Executive committee member of Shree Prajapati Vidjyarthi Ashram, Navsari Trustee of Prajapati Pragati Mandal, Valsad Executive committee member of Akhil Gujarat Prajapati Sangh Pass Executive committee member of Shree Somnath Charitable Trust, Bilimora Pass Executive committee member of Gayarti Sakti Pith Trust, Bilimora Pass Bilimora Municipal Councilors and served as Water works Chairman & Building Construction Chairman. Pass President & Pass Chairman Treasurer of Desra Gram Panchayat Desra Pass Executive committee member of PTIT Library Bilimora The service of social & Culturer given by Hargovindbhai was not forgetable and we all had proud about there social activity and particularly his personality and personal involvement to do something for samajo gives a lesson to younger generation of our samajo. The death of Hargovindbhai is one of the losses for Bilimora samajo & we pray to god that may god give him a place in SWARGA and give him a deep peace to there ATMA. Reported By : Shree Prajapati Vidhyarthi Ashram Bilimora.

PVAF - Sevni Prajapati Falia Houses Fire
Pictures of the fire

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